It isn't the most pleasant thing to think about, but if the Terry Schiavo case taught us one thing, it is that everyone should have a living will. In a Living Will you may specify how you wish to be treated in case you are unable to make your wishes known. Do you want to be kept on life support? Who do you want making that decision if you are unable to communicate? Questions like these are addressed in a living will so your family or the hospital does not make those decisions on your behalf - which is what happens when you are caught in this situation without an advance directive.

A living will allows you to have control over your future health care.  It saves your family from having to make decisions that could haunt them for their lifetime.   Here you can purchase for only $29.95 a Lifetime Membership to all of the forms you will ever need to create your Living Will, and other important forms that will affect yours and your family's future if you're not able to communicate with them or your doctors.  

Living Wills are also called advance directives, health care directives, representation agreements, mandates, personal directives, powers of attorney for personal care, and authorizations. We offer easy-to-use Living Will kits for only $24.95 - a small investment towards the destiny of your life.

Don't put this off. It's too important. ORDER NOW!

Here is what you will get:

  • The Living Will Guide

  • Power of Attorney Forms

  • Living Wills by State

  • Living Trust Guide along with ten valuable forms

  • Funeral Request Forms

  • Pension Forms

  • Schedule of Assets

  • Statement of Wishes and MANY MORE!

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